High-quality chocolate

Leonidas is 100% delicious and high-quality chocolate, aimed at offering everyone moments of chocolate delight:

  • 100% pure cocoa butter
  • No palm oil
  • Belgian Chocolatier since 1913

An investment limited to the essentials

No entry fees or training costs, no royalties for the use of the Leonidas brand … Discover the key figures of the Leonidas franchise.

Discover the key figures of the Leonidas franchise
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The key of your success

The Leonidas network means high-quality accompaniment, strong communication and customised support, as well as an expertise and professionalism that is made available to all franchisees.


Did you know?

With its white chocolate coating and coffee butter cream praliné filling, everyone loves the Manon. But did you know that one is sold around the world every 5 seconds?

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More than 100 years of shared delight

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“I wanted to make the luxury of chocolate accessible to everyone.”

These words, spoken more than a century ago by Leonidas Kestekides, who founded Leonidas in 1913, are still relevant today. From the very beginning, the family business has designed delicious chocolate products, created in order to transform tasting them into moments of delight.

Discover the history of Leonidas
...and innovation
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"The desire to innovate is the desire to please, to share. To be able to make people discover tastes, perfumes, textures, a true priesthood for a creator of happiness. You can trust me!"

Leonidas embodies more than 100 years of innovation in chocolate and is active throughout the world.

Innovation at Leonidas
They have joined the Leonidas adventure
Sandrine Lanzone


Leonidas La Louvière and Haine Saint-Pierre (06/2020)

2 stores

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Véronique Dengis


Brussels, Waterloo et Louvain-La-Neuve (06/2020)

10 stores

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Christine Hanne


Charleroi (06/2020)

5 stores

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Discovery day

Feel like joining the Leonidas network and becoming part of an authentic Belgian chocolate family? Attend our discovery day to find out more!

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Bring the heritage of Leonidas into your store to offer your customers extra moments of happiness … while increasing your turnover and profit!