Why is our chocolate 100% delicious?

Leonidas - 100% pure cocoa butter
100% pure cocoa butter

Cocoa and nothing but cocoa! At Leonidas, we use only 100% pure cocoa butter for our chocolates, both for the shell and the fillings.

Leonidas stands for 100% quality and tradition.

Leonidas - Without palm oil
Without palm oil

The Leonidas quality is thus the pure cocoa butter, without a single drop of palm oil. For what is good for chocolate is also good for our planet!

Leonidas - Made in Belgium
Belgian since 1913

Belgium is the land of chocolate! Belgian chocolate is one of the tastiest in the world because it is made with the best cocoa beans. And because its cocoa content is also higher than average. 

100% of the traditional Leonidas chocolates are made in Belgium! 

The originality of Leonidas products

Chocolates: the traditional range

These are chocolates moulded or coated with one of the 7 following fillings: praliné, butter cream, ganache, confectionery cream, caramel, liqueurs, marzipan.


The ‘specialities’ range

The ‘specialities range’ consists of an assortment of artisanal products created by our master chocolatiers, with various chocolate specialities: orangettes, mendiants, truffles, etc.


The ‘discovery’ range

With the ‘discovery’ range, you can offer your customers a gourmet assortment different from our usual chocolates, selected with special care by our master chocolatiers: caramels, marshmallows, stones, calissons, spreads, bars and pyramids.


The ice cream range

Leonidas offers a delicious selection of Ice cream « à l’italienne » and ice cream balls.


Seasonal products

Chocolates and boxes: in each season, Leonidas offers a specific selection of both consumable and non-consumable products.

Seasonal chocolates, hollow chocolates to be filled, chocolate figurines, Easter eggs, Christmas balls, little hearts … These products are highlighted by personalised packaging, to fit with a given theme and a specific season of the year.

Becoming a partner
Become a Leonidas ambassador

Bring the heritage of Leonidas into your store to offer your customers extra moments of happiness … while increasing your turnover and profit!