The 3 types of Leonidas solutions
Leonidas - Devenir franchisé - Boutique

The Leonidas boutique

The boutique (40 to70 m2), for high potential locations.


The shop in shop

The shop in shop (10 to 15 m2), a linear counter space incorporated into your existing store. 


The kiosk

The kiosk (15 to 30 m2), a module set up in a shopping centre. 


Authenticity, modernity and elegance

These are the guidelines for the 3 types of Leonidas points of sale, suited to each environment. Whether it is a boutique, a shop in shop or a kiosk, we aim for an airy presentation with a few nods to the heritage of the brand, which invites people to great gourmet taste sensations.


How to become a Leonidas franchisee?

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Why open a Leonidas franchise?

By opening or taking over your own Leonidas boutique, you will benefit from the full power of attraction of an emblematic chocolate brand, as well as support that meets all your expectations.

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Did you know?

With its white chocolate coating and coffee butter cream praliné filling, everyone loves the Manon. But did you know that one is sold around the world every 5 seconds? 

They have joined the Leonidas adventure
Christine Hanne


Charleroi (06/2020)

5 stores

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Véronique Dengis


Brussels, Waterloo et Louvain-La-Neuve (06/2020)

10 stores

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Sandrine Lanzone


Leonidas La Louvière and Haine Saint-Pierre (06/2020)

2 stores

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