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What's a shop in shop?

The shop in shop is a Leonidas counter installed at the core of your store. With this new partnership, you will enter the Leonidas family. The key? New delightful products to attract more customers to your store and our personalised support.

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How to open a Leonidas shop in shop ?

What if your store also became a point of sale for Leonidas, the emblematic Belgian chocolate brand? It’s possible.

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Why become a Leonidas partner?

A Leonidas sales counter in your store means moments of chocolate delight for your customers, and an increasing turnover for you!


Did you know?

With its white chocolate coating and coffee butter cream praliné filling, everyone loves the Manon. But did you know that one is sold around the world every 5 seconds?

Bertrand Moens


Brussels La Chasse and Rue du Luxembourg in Brussels (06/2020)

3 stores

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Véronique Dengis


Brussels, Waterloo et Louvain-La-Neuve (06/2020)

10 stores

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Christine Hanne


Charleroi (06/2020)

5 stores

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Become a Leonidas ambassador and expand your product range

Bring the heritage of Leonidas into your store to offer your customers extra moments of happiness… while increasing your turnover and profit!