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The advantages of your partnership with Leonidas

Your personalised support 

Opening your Leonidas franchise means benefiting from personalised support and the expertise of a team of professionals. They will assist you with, among other things:

  • finding the right location;
  • guiding you in drawing up your plans and getting quotations;
  • helping you with the opening of your boutique;
  • theoretical and practical training;
  • guiding you through all your commercial activities;

… and much more!

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A 360° communication and the strength of the Leonidas brand

By opening your boutique, you will enjoy the full power of the Leonidas brand and the strength of a 360° communication to reinforce the image of the brand, and thus of your visibility.

Social media, media campaigns on TV and on the radio, online, catalogues, sampling campaigns, posters in public space, etc. Leonidas is present on all these channels, enabling it to communicate effectively to the target audience.


Why not you?

The Leonidas adventure matches your entrepreneurial ambitions. Interested? It's up to you!

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The key figures of the Leonidas franchise


  • Entry fee: €0
  • Training: €0
  • Works, furnishings, equipment, cash register: min €50 k*
  • Working capital: between €10 k and 15 k*
  • Stock: min €10 k*


*Depending on the opening hours


Personal contribution expected in relation to the overall project: 30 to 40%


  • Royalties for the use of the Leonidas brand: €0
  • National communication fee: €0


Create moments of happiness for all!

The quality of Leonidas products

100% pure cocoa butter, 100% Belgian chocolate and without palm oil: discover the Leonidas quality. 

Leonidas - 100% pure cocoa butter
100% pure cocoa butter
Leonidas - Made in Belgium
Belgian since 1913
Leonidas - Without palm oil
Without palm oil
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The accessible passion for chocolate with Leonidas

“I wanted to make the luxury of chocolate accessible to everyone.” 

These words, spoken more than a century ago by its founder, Leonidas Kestekides, are still a perfect illustration of what Leonidas represents today: delicious chocolate products, developed to transform tasting them into moments of delight … moments to share, receive and give!

Trophies and certificates granted by several agents

Become a Leonidas ambassador

Bring the heritage of Leonidas into your store to offer your customers extra moments of happiness … while increasing your turnover and profit!