The promise of a reliable and long-term collaboration

A lease with a Leonidas partner for your commercial space is a promise of reliability and security. Why?

  • Before introducing the partner who will use your commercial space, we undertake a strict selection process based on precise and serious conditions and abilities.
  • A Leonidas store is a point of sale made to last, thanks among other things to the strength of our support. For you, this represents the security of a partnership designed for the long term.

Increase the visibility and value of your space

An emblematic brand like Leonidas means maximum visibility for your commercial space, and will enhance its value. And this is also the case with the work carried out to fit out the future store in line with Leonidas’ quality standards.

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Leonidas means 100 years of experience and more than 1300 stores around the world

“I wanted to make the luxury of chocolate accessible to everyone.”

These words, spoken more than a century ago by its founder, Leonidas Kestekides, are still a perfect illustration of what Leonidas represents today: delicious chocolate products, developed to transform tasting them into moments of delight … moments to share in each of the 1300 Leonidas stores worldwide! 

Christine Hanne


Charleroi (06/2020)

5 stores

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Sandrine Lanzone


Leonidas La Louvière and Haine Saint-Pierre (06/2020)

2 stores

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Bertrand Moens


Brussels La Chasse and Rue du Luxembourg in Brussels (06/2020)

3 stores

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Become a Leonidas partner and transform your space

A long-term partnership with a reliable and widely recognised player, the visibility of a strong brand that is synonymous with moments of delight … Enhance the value of your commercial space thanks to Leonidas!