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Your commercial space is available or will soon become empty?

For your new lease, you would like a reliable and serious brand. Look no further! By leasing your commercial space to Leonidas, you are making the right choice. And you will benefit: 

  • from the visibility of an emblematic brand to give greater value to your location;
  • from maximum security by working with a profitable franchise made to last.

How can you lease your commercial space to a Leonidas partner?

Once you let us know that you would like to lease your commercial space to a partner, we will get in touch.

Your space is of interest to us if:

  • its area is around 40 to 60 m²;
  • it is air-conditioned or with the possibility of autonomous air conditioning;
  • it has a linear shop window of at least 4 m;
  • there is nearby parking;
  • it is part of an environment with food and gift shops, markets, etc.

Why lease your commercial space to a Leonidas partner?

Leasing your commercial space to a Leonidas partner means giving it the visibility of a reliable brand … as well as benefiting from the security of a long-term lease and a profitable franchise, as we explain here.

They rent their retail space to Leonidas
Sandrine Lanzone


Leonidas La Louvière and Haine Saint-Pierre (06/2020)

2 stores

More information
Véronique Dengis


Brussels, Waterloo et Louvain-La-Neuve (06/2020)

10 stores

More information
Christine Hanne


Charleroi (06/2020)

5 stores

More information
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