“I wanted to make the luxury of chocolate accessible to everyone”

The founder of Leonidas dreamt of democratising chocolate. At the time, however, it was still a luxury product. To keep quality high and the price affordable, he decided to sell his chocolates directly from his workshop. A workshop that was so small, there was no customer door. So he served the passers-by through a sash window ... An immediate success!

Leonidas, 100 ans d’innovation

Innovative chocolates have become classics

In due course, the innovations of Leonidas became well known. The example of the Manon is the perfect illustration.

Invented in 1980, this type of chocolate is coated entirely in white chocolate. A revolutionary concept at the time, since tradition was a sugar coating. Today, the Manon has become such a classic that one is sold every 5 seconds worldwide.

Leonidas, 100 ans d’innovation

A marriage of bold and innovative flavours

Leonidas stands for quality, innovation and audacity. The brand is willing, moreover, to venture marriages that are atypical but show perfect mastery. Harmonious blends of flavours with chocolate to evoke new and tasty experiences.

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