"I wanted to make the luxury of chocolate accessible to everyone."
Leonidas Kestekides

These words, spoken over a century ago by Leonidas Kestekides, the founder of Leonidas, are still relevant today. Since 1913, the family business has been designing delicious chocolate products, created in order to transform tasting them into moments of delight!

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Leonidas Kestekides receives a bronze medal at the World Fair in Brussels for his confectionery.

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God medal awarded to Leonidas at the World Fair in Ghent, for the creation of his chocolates that we still savour today. 

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Leonidas turns his workshop in Brussels into a store. And he innovates by transforming the window of his workshop into a sash window that will remain the trademark of Leonidas stores for many years.

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The image of the warrior Leonidas, king of Sparta, becomes the official logo of the brand.

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1970 - 1990

France, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain (notably at Harrods of London), Luxembourg, and then Asia and the rest of the world in the 1990s: Leonidas expands constantly and spreads around the world.

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Leonidas celebrates its centenary and is added by His Majesty the King of the Belgians to the list of official purveyors to the royal household.

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Leonidas celebrates 50 years of its presence in France and the Netherlands!

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