• How long does it take to open my boutique?

    You can open a boutique relatively quickly, it takes between 2 and 6 months

    The various stages of the process are:

    Interview and validation of your application.
    Search for and/or validation of the location.
    Search for financing.
    Request for plans and quotations from the agent.
    Start of works.
    Opening of your store.

  • How long does the training take?

    The training takes around 2 weeks:

    E-learning before the theoretical training in Brussels (at your own rhythm)

    Theoretical training of 4 days at the Brussels head office

    Practical training in a store (Leonidas branch and reseller stores)

  • What investment do I need to open my boutique?

    The total investment for a standard store is between €50,000 and €120,000 (not including the lease, where applicable, or the business) depending on the site and the works needed. For a shop in shop, a more modest investment will be needed of between €15,000 and €25,000 depending on the area of the dedicated surface.

  • Are there specifications to be followed?

    There are specifications for the concept that are to be followed (colours, furnishings, lighting), which are supplied by recognised agents.

  • Do you look after the works or can I carry them out myself?

    We will put you in touch with the recognised agents who will draw up the plans and quotation. 

    You can use the services of your own tradesmen for part of the works (other than furnishings and lighting). You will need to follow the specifications of the Leonidas concept. Abiding by the concept will be validated by Leonidas from the time when the plans are drawn up until the opening.

  • Who looks for the site?

    We have many relationships with national lessors and vendors of local properties.

    You can also suggest opportunities for locations, which will be subject to approval by Leonidas.

  • Do you conduct market research?

    We will provide you with a survey of the local market as well as a Precontractual Information Document in line with the legislation. Researching the market and the potential of the site is your responsibility, alone or with the help of persons of your choice.

  • How much revenue will I earn?

    Your future revenues will depend on several factors:

    • your contribution;
    • the amount borrowed;
    • the rental costs;
    • the location;
    • the catchment area;
    • your sales volume;
    • your business skills;
    • the competition. 

    This revenue level will be examined with your advisor or accountant.

  • What are your strengths in comparison to the competition?

    We have been in existence for almost 110 years, and we enjoy strong brand recognition for the quality of our products. We make chocolates that are 100% fresh, 100% Belgian and without palm oil.

    We are present in 42 countries, with nearly 1200 boutiques around the world.

    There are no entry fees or royalties, so that your investment is more affordable.

    We make the products we sell, which enables us to support our network at attractive conditions.

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