Would you like to become an entrepreneur?

You are dynamic and have a passion for the world of chocolate.
Customer contact is one of your strengths. You have business acumen.
You would like to be your own boss. We are interested in your profile!


The Leonidas values

Authenticity, modernity and elegance: opening a Leonidas franchise also means drawing inspiration from these 3 values to offer your customers tasty moments of delight.


Succeed in your career change with Leonidas!

By opening your Leonidas store, you will have every advantage at your side to succeed in your career change. You will benefit from personalised support at each stage of your venture. You can count on us to help you develop your point of sale, as well as to benefit from powerful communication to your target audience.


Opening a Leonidas franchise

Boutique, shop in shop or kiosk: discover in detail how to open your franchise and every advantage of the Leonidas network.

Sandrine Lanzone


Leonidas La Louvière and Haine Saint-Pierre (06/2020)

2 stores

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Véronique Dengis


Brussels, Waterloo et Louvain-La-Neuve (06/2020)

10 stores

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Bertrand Moens


Brussels La Chasse and Rue du Luxembourg in Brussels (06/2020)

3 stores

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Launch your career change with Leonidas!

You can have a successful career change in the sector of high-quality Belgian chocolate by opening a Leonidas store! Contact us and let’s talk about your aspirations.