Bertrand Moens

Bertrand Moens – Brussels La Chasse and Rue du Luxembourg in Brussels

More than 10 years ago, I decided that I wanted to change my life and stop working as a bank employee. After considerable research, I had the opportunity to open a Leonidas store. It was not a takeover of a store, and was a fine challenge. I decided to work with Leonidas for several reasons. First, it’s a brand that needs no introduction, the products are high quality and affordable, and I had the advantage of becoming self-employed while still enjoying a structure and logistical support behind me. Leonidas in fact helped me to find the best spot, trained me and gave me support at all times. My wife joined me in the adventure 5 years ago. To increase our profitability, we decided to open a second store. They are in two different neighbourhoods, with different buying habits. This allows us to enjoy both a degree of synergy and complementarity. I am proud of having chosen Leonidas. It’s a Belgian brand that is recognised around the world, innovative when necessary, makes delicious chocolates and manufactures them in its factory right here in Brussels.